People are increasingly keeping their family histories online, scanning pictures to share, and storing this information on CDs for safekeeping.  Our main goal is the preserve the individual history of each of us.  We can do it for you or help you on your journey.

Family Archive Services provides a photo scanning, restoration and archival system on digital media to protect your family photos.

*NEW: We can now transfer your videos too!  Do you have a wedding tape that you want to save?  How about the vhs tape of all the Christmases past?  We can transfer vhs, Super8 and regular 8 video to DVD, and we can add music and other extra features!  Just email us for a quote, or if you have any questions we can answer for you.

Family Archive Services can also provide simple family tree services to create a digital source of information for an individual’s family history.  Printouts detailing the photos and archived material will be presented in a binder along with CDs for individual use.

We have
  • created one-of-a-kind family histories
  • scanned photos from the turn of the century
  • kept a ninety year old man's baby pictures safe
  • repaired the last remaining photo of a client's grandmother, a former slave
  • helped a client re-discover her family heritage, for her to share with her family