About Us

Our company was formed in 2005 after hearing the story of family members who lost everything in a house fire.  Of course, they would rebuild, but if not for the foresight of one of their children, they would have no family photos to put up on the walls or to make their house a home again.

Their daughter, one of 16 children, had scanned many of the family photos and saved them to cds, which were safe in a bank safety deposit box.

After talking with a number of people about this story, we discovered there was no personal service to handle these sorts of things.  There was no one to come and pick up your photos and keep them safe until they were scanned and returned to you.  There was no service to help you organize that box (or those boxes) of photos and other memorabilia in the garage that are taking up valuable space!

We like to think we are doing more than just saving the photos and documents that make us who we are.  This is preserving the very fabric of our world, passing on crucial information about who we are to the next generation.

And, the satisfaction we get from seeing the joy on someone's face when a set of treasured family photos is delivered is immeasurable.  We are happy to be of service to you and your family.