Tips on how to get started saving your photos:
  • Talk to family members, find out which items are most important to ALL of you.
  • Sort the photos and documents by decade.
  • Number and label them with labels provided by Family Archive Services.
  • Decide how many cds, books and prints you want.  Don’t worry, we can make more if you decide you need more.
  • Call Family Archive Services for a pickup!  Your hard work is over, sit back, relax and know that your family treasures are being handled with loving care and will be returned to you safe, sound and protected!

Tips for preserving your family treasures
  • Store photos and slides in a cool, dry place with a minimum of light.
  • Use acid free - not magnetic or adhesive - albums.
  • Display COPIES of photos, not the originals.
  • Protect slides in polyester sleeves.
  • Store photos and negatives in envelopes or folders made from polyester or acid free paper and file them loosely in acid free boxes.
  • Avoid storing photos or negatives on contact with brown wrapping paper, glassine envelopes, rubber cement, tape or glue.
  • Avoid touching photos, slides or negatives - handle only by the edges.
Excerpt from Caring for Your Family Treasures by Heritage Preservation